Aqua Cool Water



What Is Aqua Cool?

Is a unique brand of mineral water that is purified through reverse osmosis, ultra violet treatment, sedimented filtration of micro carbon catridge system & maximum purity for safe healthy drink. This drink is packed and delivered under stringent hygienic conditions that you get the very best..

Diarim Aqua Cool is a subsidiary of Diarim Enterprises Limited established in 2013 in Kiambu County. Aqua Cool Water has been tested and approved by KEBS and it has been awarded the KEBS Diamond Mark of Quality as recognition of this achievement. These steps ensure that Aqua Cool Water has the same pure crisp taste every time you drink it!

Aqua Cool aims to strengthen its market leadership by constantly enhancing the excellence of its products through a process of continuous reinvestment and innovative manufacturing and marketing strategies. Aqua Cool has a wide range of products to offer, ranging from a 500ml bottled drinking water bottle to 20litres bottled water as well as Hot & Cold Water Dispensers.

We have installed and commissioned a bottling plant, which has a capacity to process & bottle 12,000 litres of water per hour, thus reflecting Aqua Cool desire to create employment and capacity to serve the ever expanding bottled market as well as keep pace with technological advances. We intend to embark on acquiring ISO Certification in future.

Aqua Cool Water is now poised to stand tall among leading beverage companies in Kenya and we assure our customers all over the world that, we will continue to be true to our founding principles – To provide quality and affordable purified bottled water with a personal touch.